Friday, August 18, 2006

a good day

When I went to get dressed this morning all of my shorts I usually wear were dirty. So I put on a pair that I don't normally wear because they don't fit. Well surprise now they do! Yeah me!

Then I went to visit with a friend today. I stopped at the scrap store I used to go to on a regular basis but since we moved I can only get there every other month. So I was looking for the new Basic Grey but it wasn't in yet. But the new Chatterbox was and I bought all the pretty new papers. So another yeah me!

I also picked up two wooden sleds and a bird house for later altering at AC Moore. I was hoping that they would have the new Paper Crafts so I could use my coupon but not yet. Still I am thrilled with the possiblities of altering the wooden objects.

Then I made it home without having to sit in rush hour traffic. I was a little worried when I got to the Beltway because it looked backed up. But it was really people not knowing how to merge properly. That was the best yeah me moment of the day.

Now off to scrap with my new papers!

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