Saturday, September 23, 2006

almost done

About 6 months ago I started an 8x8 album of my school portraits. I had everything worked out so that each grade would be a 4 page entry, with kindergarten being a 2 page entry because I didn't have a class photo. But my biggest problem was what to put on the fourth page. So I put the project aside until I could figure it out. Finally I have! I put copies of my old report cards in a pocket and put it on the page. Here is first grade.

All I have left to do for this project is the title and closing pages. Hopefully that won't take me another 6 months.

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  1. Oh, My goodness! I have the exact same gingerbread pin I got in about the 1st of 2nd grade. My mom actaully saved it and my DD's play with it for dress up. Of course all the lipgloss is gone! LOL


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