Wednesday, October 25, 2006

count down to halloween

With less than a week to go. I think I have everyone's costumes set and ready to go. Well until my oldest gets home and tells me other wise. She is a fickle preteen and drives me batty at times. I though my son would be the hardest to chose a costume since he is so little but it turns out that he was the easiest. I've had his costume for about 2 weeks and he has been wearing it around the house. It is really too funny. As I was taking these pictures he was directing me, "take a picture of my sharp teeth, take a picture of my tail, take a picture of my shiny wings" and so on. It really was so cute and it is hard to say no when he is having such a good time.

Next on the list, pumpkin carving! But first I have to buy the pumpkins.

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  1. He looks so CUTE!! Did you all have a good time out Trick or Treating?


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