Tuesday, November 28, 2006

what I am grateful for...better late than never.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving. We stayed home and had a yummy dinner which is always nice. Dh actually took off the entire four day weekend which was really nice! I am really grateful for his promotion because he is home on the weekends now. I like that he can actually see his children for more than an hour or two on a work day. It is good for all of them. And we are doing more family things together. Some people have asked if he is making me crazy yet now that he is home more often. And to that I say no even though he has cut into my computer time. It was time for a change and I am grateful that it came along when it did.


  1. I am SO happy for you all!! What a joy to be able to spend the Holidays together! I know you never argued about the long hours before - but really, what a nice payoff that everything worked out so well! COngrats!

  2. It's wonderful you get to spend more time with your DH. I know how you feel, I'm grateful my DH actually comes home every night now and tries to stay home during the weekend.


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