Thursday, December 7, 2006

he finally gets it

I have been lucky enough to have had a several cards published over this past year. I was in Recollections last week and I saw the December copy of Scrap and Stamp Arts on the rack. To my total shock one of my cards I sent them back in July was on the cover! Holy Cow! This was huge, my first cover! So I bought it and showed my dh. My dh just says that's nice and did I get paid. Normally that would have bugged me but I was on such a high I really didn't care because my card is on the cover and who cares about the money. At least my mom was super excited for me.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, when we went to the first of dh's Christmas parties. I was talking to one of the service techs about the party invitation she made and how much I liked it. Then she starts going on about my cards and how dh has been bragging about my accomplishments. I'm surprised she didn't tell me to close my mouth or I'd start catching flies. I now know that he gets what I am doing and is really proud of me. Although it would be nice to hear it directly...maybe when I start getting paid for it.

Here is the cover. My card is the one on the bottom left side.


  1. That is so awesome! You make such beatiful cards - you deserve to be on the cover! :)

  2. Not only am I super excited, I've been to every scrapping store in the area. I ask for the magazine and when they don't carry it, I say, "oh... I really wanted to see it. MY DAUGhTER'S DESIGN IS ON THE COVER!!!" Of course, then they are apologetic, suitably impressed and offer congratulations to you. Way to go, sweetie. Mom

  3. Your cards are beautiful, Linda! I found the other TWO you had in that issue as well!! Congrats! I love the comment by your mom - my mom doesn't have internet (or know how to use a computer!)

    Of course Dave gets it - he's just not going to let you know!!! MEN!


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