Wednesday, December 13, 2006

how to torment your child

I really don't mean that literally, more in a fun, na-na kind of way. A couple months ago I told my kids to write down their wish lists for Christmas. They could put whatever they really wanted on there, don't worry about $$ because this is a wish list. I told them you never know how generous I may be feeling when I go shopping. So my oldest dd puts down that she wants an ipod, among other expensive things hoping that I would be feeling generous. When my dh saw that on her list he told her that he didn't have an ipod and she wasn't getting one before him.

Around Thanksgiving dh and I were talking about what I would like for Christmas and I said I wanted either an ipod or satalitte radio. The radio stations stink here and what I like to listen to, 80's new wave (actually anything from the 80's), 70's disco and house music, isn't played much.

A week later the whole family went to Target to buy door prizes for dh's Christmas party. We were looking at the ipods and decided to get one for dh and me right in front of our dd. The look on her face was just the best and whole time muttering, "That's so wrong." I'm still laughing about it today.

She has been saving her money and actually has enough to buy the ipod shuffle but doesn't want that one. It has to be the nano because none of her friends have a shuffle. I told her that she could have my nano when I was ready to upgrade in a couple years. She is still muttering, "that's so wrong."


  1. LOL! Enjoy your new ipod!

  2. She's young, she'll recover! Bri asked Santa for an MP3 player, too. We'll see. She's been mostly good - but you shouldn't have to look at averages for this kind of thing!

  3. LOL!!! Isn't that why we have kids?? To torment them!??? LOL!! Sounds like something DH and I would do to our boys! I asked Santa for a MP3 player also....DH doesn't see the point in having one so not sure I will be getting it!


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