Monday, January 8, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

It is that time again, the time for me to make my resolutions that I am only going to break in about a month or two. I really do have good intentions until I think I can let things slide just once which then turns into twice and then before I can stop it I am at the bottom of the hill.

I am renewing my commitment to stop spending money on foolish things. I had promised dh that I would stop over the summer and I was doing really well until... Anyway I was so busted when he started to balance the checkbook that I hadn't touched in about 2 months. I hate doing it because 99.999% of the time I have made some type of simple math error that I can never find. Now he has taken over paying the bills too. And I had some explaining to do. As a result I am no longer carrying a credit card in my wallet anymore. Yep I am that pitiful.

The next commitment I am renewing is to use only my scrapbooking stash for the next two months. I can't believe I just typed that. I'm sure I could make it through January but February is another story. I did resist the temptation to go into JoAnn's today to look for the Autumn Leaves $1 they have been talking about at 2 Peas. I don't really understand why I feel the need to have them when I don't really need them. Thank goodness for the Shakerbox Challenges. I'm hoping that I can stay on the straight and narrow by working on the frugal and stash challenges they have going on.

Another commitment I want to keep is to get healthy. I have already had my blood work checked back in October. Thankfully everything is normal and I am not borderline for anything. So I figure I better take better care of myself while things are good. I still have some baby weight to take off from baby #3. I'm a size bigger than I was before I had him and I think it is time to get rid of it. I would love to be where I was before I had baby #2 which is about 20lbs less than where I am now. I've been working out irregularly for a couple months. Now to make it a regular thing. I am also cooking dinner more. The kids don't like it but too bad. They will learn what it is like to eat real food...eventually.

Finally, I would like to just get more organized and not feel like I am living in chaos. Just to have some type of routine, I think would help me not feel so overwhelmed with the stuff I need to get done. Maybe that stuff will actually get done. So I have been writing everything down that I want to get done in the hopes that it will and so far so good.

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  1. Linda..had to laugh at your comment about your kids not liking you cooking more! We have the same issues here....but like you said, eventually they will get used to real food instead of fast food or microwavable food! I have actually started a meal plan AND have stuck with it so far!!!! LOL!!


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