Thursday, March 15, 2007

for the birds

Lately, I have been spending my time watch the birds return to my yard. I had one feeder and then decided that I needed two more so they could be spread out around the yard. And so I could attract more birds. It is pretty cool seeing the different types. So many that I didn't recognize that I had to go to the library and get some bird books to help me out. So far we have spotted cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, sparrows, titmice, robins, blackbirds, bluebirds, mourning doves and finches. I'm on the lookout for the orioles now.

I started this as a fun project for my kids especially since they are so into nature. But this has turned into something fun for me. I remember how my grandma would feed the birds at her house. She would feed them table scraps which only seems a little odd to me now but back then it was the thing to do. I just feed my birds regular bird seed and the occasional orange trying to attract the bluebirds and orioles.

I took these photos about two weeks ago from my open kitchen window. They didn't come out too bad but I think I need a stronger zoom. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring me one since Santa didn't think I was a good enough girl last year. ;)

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  1. those pictures make me cold!!! BURRRR!!!! Such a contrast to our blue sky warm shorts weather!


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