Tuesday, April 17, 2007

today is brought to you by the letter A

And by the number 3. It has been a long time since I have heard the closing to Sesame Street. My girls loved watching it but for some reason my ds is not interested. Most likely because my girls got him hooked on Nickolodeon before I realized what was happening. At least he knows who the Muppets are, he just can't sit there and watch them.

I finally made one of the monograms that I bought for each of the kids over a year ago at Recollections. I had good intentions to make them when I bought them. The trouble was deciding on what color and pattern of paper to use. Not to mention how was I going to embellish them. It was such a hard decision that I left them in the bag on the shelf and forgot about them.

Anyway, I am glad I finally got one of them done and I am extremely happy with how it came out. I will probably do something similar for my other dd's letter except hers will have to be blue. No pink for my girls.

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  1. great looking letter.....want to do some for my room!


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