Friday, May 18, 2007

fun in nashville

A couple weeks ago dh and I went to Nashville for his annual conference and had a really good kid free time.

Our first night we attended an award dinner and then were treated to a private concert at the Ryman Auditorium, the original Grand Ole Opry. We saw Diamond Rio play. They were alright considering that I don't listen to country music. I was more interested in watching this one woman dance and shimmy while they were playing. She was a little crazy to watch and I was cracking up when security came over to tell her to not stand on the benches. My other problem that night is that I couldn't get Johnny Cash's songs out of my head. The reason that started was that I couldn't stop picturing some of the classic country stars performing on that stage. It was like some kind of crazy flashback.

The next few days were spent at meetings and some other parties. Always a good time to be had at the parties. This year's theme for the costume party was come as your favorite musican. So dh and I went as Bono (me) and the Edge (dh) from U2. Dh was a much better Edge than I was as Bono but it was still all good.

Our last night we went to a party in downtown Nashville. They had rented out 3 bars and closed off the street for our block party. For the occasion my first drink of the night was a Jack and coke. Normally I drink vodka but I couldn't come to Tennesse without sampling the local whiskey. Not too bad but dh thought I had lost my mind. So we went looking for people in the Wildhorse Saloon but that place was huge, they were playing more country music, and we couldn't find anyone so we left. We ended up in Coyote Ugly where it wasn't very crowded and they place rock music. Not even five minutes after we get there the bartenders are calling for all ladies on the bar. At first I was like no I need another drink first. But then my fun side said get your butt up there so off I went. It was tons of fun and I'm glad I did it. I figure how many more chances am I going to get to dance on a bar.

We then headed outside for air, something to eat and to find a good spot on the grass for the concert. Found a good one in front of the sound and lighting boards, right in front of the stage. Our entertainment for the night was Tim McGraw which was cool. I have heard some of his stuff before, a nice cross over of country and rock. It was this first concert in the last 3 conferences that we actually stayed for the entire show. It was that good and this is coming from a girl that doesn't listen to country music.

After the show we went back to Coyote Ugly for another hour for more bar dancing. We found some of our friends so I had some people to get up and dance with me. Then we hit two more bars before heading back to the hotel. So now I can say that I have gone honky-tonkin'. Had a ton of laughs at the midnight buffet over the corn fritters before heading to bed at 3am. We left for home the next morning. It was one of my favorite conferences and I am looking forward to next year. Rumor has it that it will be in San Francisco.

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  1. OHH if it's in San Fran CALL me!!!! I'm only an hour or so away!!!!! Sounds like a great time and I would LOVE to see Diamond Rio or Tim McGraw in concert...but to see both....WOW!


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