Wednesday, July 11, 2007

belated birthdays

Our family is notorious for being late sending out birthday greetings and gifts. I suppose we would be a little better about it if we lived closer then we could just hand them over when we saw each other. I do call them on their special day but I am slow at getting to the store and the post office. I am finally mailing out my sister's birthday card, Mother's day card, Father's day card with Outback gift card, and my mom's birthday card. Last fall my sister sent all three of my kid's birthday cards in October (none of their birthdays are in October) and the cards were Halloween cards. That made me laugh because it was typical but with a new twist. On the bright side one card was early which occasionally happens. This time it is happening for me too ! I am actually going to have my nephew's card out early. It will go out in the mail with the others.

Here is his card. It is based on an article in the August/September Paper Crafts. I made it from the scraps of the bubble layout.

Stamps, Autumn Leaves

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