Thursday, July 26, 2007

our beach adventure

We went to Myrtle Beach, SC last week and had a wonderful and relaxing vacation. It has been two years since we last went to the beach, so it was nice to go back. I don't have any pictures to upload since I took all our pictures on disposable cameras and haven't gotten them developed yet. I have lost 2 perfectly good cameras to the sand and humidity (which is in the 70% range). I am not doing it again.

Some of the highlights include:
1. digging holes in the sand looking for shells.
2. wave jumping with the girls. I haven't done that since I was a kid and that is a long time. ;) I had forgotten how much fun that is, even more so when the water is 80* (instead of the 66* or so at the other more northern beaches we used to go to).
3. going to Ripley's Aquarium. The last time dh and the girls went while I was at urgent care with ds. That was the vacation everyone but dh got strep.
4. ds and I were the only ones not to get sunburnt. Not sure how that happened with all the sunscreen we went through.
5. going to Build a Dino to make T rex's.
6. walking on the beach in the evening looking for seashells, always a good time there.
7. playing mini golf twice.

The only bummer was the Dairy Queen we went to on our last trip closed down and became a barbeque place. We like to get ice cream after dinner and then walk it off on the beach later on that night while looking for more sea shells. You can never have enough sea shells or so I have been told. Oh well I guess it turned out to be a good thing because we (dh and I) really don't need ice cream every night even if we are on vacation. Next year we are planning to go back again, we need more shells.


  1. sounds like a great time!!! Evan and I love the Ripley's aquarium when we went...his favorite were the horseshoe crabs!!!! And the water was MUCH warmer than our Pacific Ocean...which might get to 58* on the warmest days!

  2. I love Myrtle Beach, we are headed there next week!!


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