Thursday, August 30, 2007

a target find

About a year ago Target was selling these little wooden cutting board in the dollar spot. Lots of people at 2peas were buying them and altering them and I thought what a cute idea. So I go to Target and buy 3 of them. And then they sat in my pile of things to do until my dh asked me to make something that listed his company's Principles and Beliefs. So I made a very simple one for him to hang in the kitchen. I never took a picture of it because it was for dh's work and it was only cardstock and letter stickers.

So that left me with 2 of them. I was waiting for the 'perfect' paper. And then I found it, cute cooking themed paper from Flair. So I bought the paper and finally I made my cutting board.

I think it came out cute. And I still have one left to do. I wonder how long that will take me?


  1. oh I love your cutting board it's so cute!!!! You do such beautiful work!

  2. love it!!!!!! what a cute idea!


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