Wednesday, October 17, 2007

childhood memories

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I sometimes can't remember events from my childhood. I'm not sure why I can't since I think I had a pretty good childhood. But I can have a conversation with my sister and she will say "remember when...." and then I say "no." So then she has to tell me the story and it always ends with, "I can't believe you don't remember that!"

But then there are other things I remember, especially when it comes to my grandma's house. So here I am sleeping in a high chair in my grandma's dining room. And for the journaling I decided to write down what I remember about that room. I haven't been there in over 15 years and I'm sure that wall paper isn't up anymore either but I can still see it in my mind like it was yesterday.

Supplies: October Shakerbox kit. Journaling box, My Minds Eye


  1. Don't feel bad, I can't remember a lot of things from my early childhood either. I'm pretty sure I had a great childhood also, don't understand why its blocked.

    Your layout is beautiful. I love the wonderful, soft green and your bling flourish. Great job.

  2. Found your blog through Jan Pepe.
    Enjouyed reading your post and love the cute picture.

    I was having that same feeling yesterday, I don't ever remember having a birthday when I was young.

    I am so glad I take lots of pictures of my kids, so even if they forget all the good times and places they still have there scrapbooks to remind them.
    No one can say that picture don't help keep the memories.

    This memory you have is priceless.

    Happy Scrappin

  3. Great pic - you were out like a light! All of the photos of my kids have food all over them - don't know why - I guess I always went for the camera before the wet wipes....

  4. Amazing layout. And I can't remember much of my childhood either.

  5. This is such a lovely page - I love it's simplicity! The scrolls add a lovely touch too! Thanks for sharing and for your lovely comments on my blog too!

  6. That's a great page, and a great memory! I can totally relate. My sister and I have similar conversations! : )


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