Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I took this photo of my dd and me on her birthday. It was the big 10 and it made me feel old, which is what the topic of the journaling is about. Supplies October Shakerbox kit.

2peas challenge: The one thing I would create to make scrapbooking easier for me would be some type of time machine to give me the extra time I need to scrap. Some days there just aren't enough hours. This would also be helpful if I needed to go back and get some journaling details since I sometimes have trouble remembering things from my childhood. Maybe I am getting old. :)


  1. You can't be OLD, Linda - you're younger than me!!! Wait until she turns 18 - then talk to me about old!! I've got a graduation party to host next spring - I'm starting now buying the Kleenex!

    Can I have one of those Time Machine Gizmos when you get one???

  2. Great photo and LO too! When you manage the "time" thing share your secret.

  3. I wish someone would design something like that. I know I could really use it. I never have enough time for anything lately.
    Your lo is beautiful. Great photo and lovely colors.

  4. Great layout! and I need me one of those time machines too!

  5. If you make that machine, it will make you billions! LOL!

  6. OOOh, can I share your time machine?? I could use one of those...

  7. WOW where can I buy that machine?? I'm first in line! :)


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