Wednesday, December 5, 2007

today's forcast

2peas challenge: Today's forcast is calling for snow, about 2-4 inches. It has been snowing since 8 am but you can't see it in the photo. There is about 3 inches out there. School got out early and then we all went out to play in the snow. Now we are all snug and warm inside. I plan to curl up with my January Scrapbooks etc. later. I am in need of some inspiration since I am in a little bit of a creative dry spell.


  1. Looks beautiful and cold! :) Hope the SB, etc helps you find your mojo.

  2. Stay warm and dry in all that! I think a lot of people are having creative challenges lately - must be the holidays?!

  3. I love being all warm and cozy inside when it snows! Enjoy your magazine - mine came yesterday. Hope it helps the mojo situation :)

  4. Looks wonderful! I wish I could have stayed home today. As I was coming past the lake the mist was coming off of it and freezing on the trees. I would have given anything to have stopped and photographed for an hour or two.

  5. wow, we have not had snow since 2004, and then it was only like a thin microscopic layer but it was snow. it is just wet cold here.


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