Monday, January 7, 2008

this is me: part 2

This one is for the what makes me cry entry. I was almost in tears, out of frustration, making this because my cardstock got stuck in my other border punch. After I got the paper out I tried to unstick it with wax paper. That didn't work so well, it got stuck again and then it broke into 2 pieces. Oh the irony of it all! Supplies: Paper, American Crafts. Sticker, Chatterbox. Stamps, Autumn Leaves. Punch, Fiskars.

This entry is about my thoughts on reality tv. I used to be a huge watcher of it a few years back but not so much anymore. But there are a couple that I like to watch when I remember that they are on. Supplies: Paper, American Crafts.

2peas challenge: How do I get current photos of myself? Over the years, I have gotten better about getting in front of the camera. Especially now that dh has a cool digital camera he is now taking photos too. And my oldest dd is good in a pinch and if she is home when I am in need of a photo of myself. In the past I have taken them myself. My profile photo is one of those that I took of myself about a year or so ago. I like it but my dh doesn't. I told him that he needed to take a better photo of me with his new camera, if he didn't like it so much. I guess he doesn't hate it that much.


  1. What great journaling pages. Your kids will someday have written proof that you were someone other than just Mom! My kids are still clueless. I should create an "About Me" album - shake them all up a bit! "No, I don't live and breathe to make your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches"... Nope, I'm sure they think that's all there is to me. Your journal is wonderful, and a great thing to create!

  2. Sorry I had to delete the first post - too many typos! It's still early and my mind is not focussed - I need more coffee... yummmm, coffee!

  3. Awesome job on the "me" pages! I have a couple of those punches that are a nightmare to use. One I have succumbed to using my MM hammer to knock it through! So frustrating though.

  4. These are great journaling pages Linda - I love that this album includes so much journaling - a real insite into the real you!

  5. You are doing a great job with your book, Linda! Awesome journaling :)


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