Wednesday, February 6, 2008

celebrate birthdays

We have a lot of birthdays coming up in our family this month. Here is another card I made. I think this one will go to dh's sister. Card is inspired by Card Postitioning System Sketch #21 and is 4" x 9".

Supplies: paper, Junkitz. Stickers, 7 gypsies. ribbon, Michaels.


  1. This card is really cute! I almost thought it was digital! Very nice job!

  2. Oh wow! I thought it was digital too!! Awesome card!

  3. That paper is gorgeous! Is it from the Salsa line? I like the long, tall card!

  4. Love that card size. The few I've done in that size have been fun, but I've had to use a sketch. I'm so used to a more square-ish shape, LOL.

  5. Love the colors and long shape of this card. Awesome job!

  6. Hey girl, TAG you're it (see my blog for details)!


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