Friday, March 7, 2008

layout: crazy bird

I'm not sure why but I seem to attract odd animals. When we lived in West Virginia in the house we rented, the cats that used to live there would continue to come back and visit us and try to get inside. That only lasted a couple months until they got used to their new house.

Then I had another neighbor's elderly cat wander onto my deck and just camp out there. I thought the poor thing had died it was in such bad shape. But when I checked my mail, I saw the lost sign and called up my neighbor. Turns out the cat was tired and confused.

Now I have 2 dogs, one likes to bark at anything and everything. The other is afraid to go to the bathroom. That started when we had to walk them instead of letting them run in the yard. Those crazy dogs kept on escaping. Then there are the other dogs in our new neighborhood that like to come visit me when the break out of their electric fences. The lab across the street likes to break out when we are playing football in the front, he tries to steal our ball.

Then there was the adventure with the bird that got trapped in our garage last summer. I left the door open since the kids were in and out. And this crazy bird came in and couldn't get out so it started to bang its head against the ceiling. It was really sad. I got him out after I opened the other garage door and then the poor thing fell to the ground totally stunned. I was able to get really close to him and snap that picture, you can see the cut on the top of his head (where I have the arrow pointing). A few minutes after that he flew away, which I was very happy about because I really didn't know how to nurse a bird back to health.

Supplies: pattern paper, stickers, and grunge board: February Shakerbox kit. bird paper, Scenic Route. ribbon, May Arts. brown ink


  1. I'm glad your bird friend turned out to be okay. My Duchess would have LOVED to help!

    Can't wait until next weekend!!

  2. LOL! Just proves your an animal person they all love you!

    I love your layout it's so awesome!

  3. Pretty layouts and cards and an animal magnet lol! That layout is adorable.

  4. Beautiful layout! I love the pop of orange framing the photos. Glad the bird was ok. I had to laugh at your stories - the timing of this post is too ironic. This morning I heard a funny noise in our house. Followed it to the water heater. Briefly panicked thinking it was broken (or in the process). Woke up DH. And then we realized it was a woodpecker on the roof! I guess he wanted into the vent? Who knows, but thankfully once we beat back on the vent pipe, he took off. LOL :)

    Sorry for the ramble in your comments! I tagged you at the end of my rambling post on my blog today HERE. ;)

  5. Cute layout and stories - we had a bird come down our chimney and into the basement. The way it was hanging on things we thought it was a bat at first!


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