Friday, April 4, 2008

orlando: the good, the bad and the ugly

That sums up our trip to Orlando. We stayed at Disneyworld, at the Boardwalk resort, which was nice. Most of the trip was really good, spending time with dh and reconnecting with old friends. The bad part of the whole trip was all the walking we had to do. On Saturday we all had to walk after our dinner at the Yacht and Beach club over to Epcot for the Illuminations show. Not a whole lot of fun when you are wearing 3 inch heels, which I took off after 5 minutes. As for the ugly, that would be the nice infection I have on my toe from all the walking.

As always, Outback puts on a great conference for us. We went to a costume party with an Oscar night theme, a casino night party with gambling for fun and then our farewell party. That one is always my favorite because of the concert we have afterwards. It was in danger of not happening since there was a bad thunderstorm moving through complete with a tornado watch. in the end the show went on, even though it started late. I was so excited too because Dave Matthews Band was the group! I love their music and they put on an awesome show.

I don't have any photos yet. They are on dh's camera and I don't know where the cord is to transfer the photos to my computer. Hopefully next week I'll have that figured out.


  1. Oh congrats on having such an awesome time! I'll be in Disney in just a few short weeks.

  2. Ugh, doncha hate that cord thing? I wish I had the guts to do the wireless thing, but no gotta be old-fashioned, that's me. LOL

    Yeah, I love Disney, I really do. But I can really take Orlando or leave it. And it's because of the walking and the heat and the crowds. I sure hope your toe heals up!

  3. Yep love the whole Disney thing, hate the walking, I got to try it with crocs since they are so amazing. Glad u had a good time, and what do u guys mean how do you transfer pics wireless???

  4. Sounds like a great time - apart from the sore toe you have as a souvenir :) We lived in Orlando for a year and I remember it well...the heat particularly didn't agree with this English girl :) Looking forward to seeing photos!

  5. Oh we stayed at the Boardwalk when we went several years ago! GREAT place!

    Sorry about the sore toe...that's no fun!!!

  6. Glad things went well overall and that you 2 had fun. Hope the toe heals quickly.

  7. WOW! sounds like a great time! \
    And Dave Mathews! LUCKY DAWG!!!

  8. Sounds like a great trip! That's really too bad about your feet. There can be a TON of walking at WDW. Hope your toe heals up soon!


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