Thursday, May 29, 2008

how my garden grows

This past weekend dh and I worked on our yard, a work in continual progress. There was a lot going on in our yard when we first moved in, lots of over grown plants, lots of over grown invasive plants. When managed properly I guess things would look good but the previous owners let things get out of control or maybe they liked the over grown look, who knows. All we know is that we didn't like it so much.

So when I came back from taking 2 of the kids to a birthday party I found dh cleaning out the bed that was along the walkway. He was just taking out the weeds. So I went up to him and said what if we just turned this bed into grass? He had been wanting to do this for awhile now but thought I liked the flower bed. After 2 years of having it look like crap and not knowing what to do with it, I have given into the less is more idea of gardening. And with that the bed was been cleaned out and turned into grass.

The before photo of our front yard. It is hard to see the weeds and other odd flowers growing along the walkway.

This is the almost after photo of the front yard. We took out several of the foundation bushes which were too big for the 3 foot space that is between the house and the walkway. And sadly the rhododendron is going to have to come out. It covers half of the path. Look at the nice clean patch of dirt.

Here is a closer view of part of the flower bed. I really hope the grass grows.

So on Sunday we continued with cleaning the front yard. This time we focused on this bed because I got annoyed with the other bed by the walkway, which I will show you next. So this is how it looked 2 years ago. 

And this is it now. We had cleaned the bed out last year and then I transplanted some daylilies from the backyard to fill it in but that looked like crap this year. So we dug them up and cleaned everything out and now we are growing grass in this area too. I'm thinking next year I might dig out those little bushes from under the tree.

Here is another view of the front of the house.  The single bush that is there we got rid of shortly after this photo was taken. Why they put this lone bush in the middle of the yard along the driveway, I can not say. A lot of the choices made in the landscaping have me and dh shaking our heads.

The bed that was giving me a fit is on the left. It is part of the long bed that we first cleaned out. It also contains 6 azalea bushes that really have no business being there. So after having a big fit about cleaning out the weeds, I asked dh if he would have a problem with getting rid of those bushes and he said no they look like crap.

So about 45 minutes, one cracked shovel and 2 tired and sore people later we have this.

The plan is to grow grass here too but we haven't raked out the weeds and roots. I'm hoping to work on that Saturday. We are so glad that this is done. I really like plants but I am finally coming around to dh's minimalist way of thinking about the yard, less is really more. And if you think that the front yard was something wait until you see the photos of what our backyard looked like. I'll start posting some of those photos soon.


  1. All your work is paying off. It looks great!

  2. omg you guys did a lot of work and it looks great! I have so much to do outside - especially before graduation!

  3. Your yard is looking wonderful!! The difference in the before & after photos of the front - wow! It's like watching "curb appeal." Your hardwork has been worth it. Now the house really shines instead of hiding behind those large bushes. :)

  4. Your beds are looking great! The yard takes so much time. Keep up the good work!

  5. goodness! ya'll have been busy!!
    but it looks great!!

  6. Wow you have been busy! Love your house! It's beautiful!

  7. You are better than I! I just don't have the patience for that. Your hard work shows. It looks great.
    Love your house and yard.

  8. What a lot of hard work - and it is so worth it to see the difference :) Great job!

  9. Wow - you have been busy . . . it certainly is paying off though - your garden is looking great!

  10. wow - your home and your yard is awesome -looks like you've been hard at work!


    Your yard looks amazing! :)


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