Thursday, June 5, 2008

another auction, another card box

I have been ignoring my blog (and pretty much everything else) this past week in an effort to finish making cards and a card box for a charity event that Outback is sponsoring this weekend. And this time we are all going to help work the event. I'll be selling raffle tickets and the kids will be looking after a golden retriever puppy that will be auctioned off. I'm going to try my darnest not to come home with another dog. Two is enough, no matter how cute it may be.

I embellished another Basic Grey lunch pail this time I used papers from the Blush collection. I think I had all of the papers from that collection and only cut into 3 of them. Now I only have one full sheet left, plus a bunch of scraps for cards and it felt really good to use it up. I think this one is my favorite one I have done so far.

These are the dividers.

Supplies: paper, stickers, lunch pail, Basic Grey. assorted ribbons.

Tomorrow I will try to post some of the cards I have made and do some blog surfing to catch up with everyone. Thank goodness for Google Reader.


  1. Oh my your card box is beautiful! We miss you on The Shaker :)

  2. The lunch pail is gorgeous! Love those new BG papers. Hope the charity event goes well! Have fun! :)

  3. Hi Linda... thanks for leaving your comment! That door was a lot of fun to do and now I find myself looking around my house wondering what else I can glue marbles to! Just a quick and easy way to bring a little bit of color and beauty to an otherwise boring door. I love your lunchbox! Its adorable! I must look through your blogsite for more cuteness!

  4. The blush pp is perfect for this. Looks great!

  5. beautiful card box! love that basic grey!

  6. Cool idea! Love the BG paper!


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