Wednesday, June 18, 2008

project: jewelry box

I embellished this 2 drawer box I found at AC Moore for a gift for my oldest dd's friend. I have a ton of classic Chatterbox papers and their light weight makes it easier for me to work with when using Mod Podge.

I painted the entire box with 3 coats of white paint, letting each coat dry in between. Then I adhered the papers to the box. Then I sealed the box with 3 coats of Mod Podge, also letting it dry in between coats.

I debated about lining the inside of the drawers and finally decided to do it since we figured it would make a nice jewelry box. I measured the inside and cut 2 pieces of felt. I adhered the felt to the bottom of the box with Fabri-tac.

One of dd's hobbies is beading. She likes to make her own jewelry, especially earrings. So she is making some jewelry for her friend. The following are 2 of the earrings she has already made. For the first pair she was inspired to make a pair using all of the colors in the striped paper.

This pair is all pink since that is her friend's favorite color.


  1. What a beautiful box. Where did you find it.

  2. I love this box! With all of the choices of papers now it would be so much fun to do a project like this. I have a ugly wal-mart jewelery box (a gift from hubby who has no taste at all) and I think I'll do this... maybe even this weekend! Check back on my blog in a week or so to see if it is as nice as yours!

  3. very pretty, love the earrings also

  4. Wow! The box is fabulous! She will love it!What a great idea to put felt inside.

    The earrings are so cool! How fun to make custom jewelry!

    Lots of creative stuff going on at your house...TFS!

  5. Beautiful jewelry box and earrings! Your DD's friend is sure to love these. :)

  6. Your jewelry box turned out great. Love the classic CBX!

  7. DARLING BOX!!! Love it Linda. I may have to hunt one of those down!

    And your daughter definitely has a talent for beading! Kudos!

  8. What a stunning little box Linda - you've done a great job with the covering of it! And 'thumbs up' to your daughter for the lovely earrings too - just beautiful!

  9. I love the box! Will have to look for a project like that to do myself :)


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