Tuesday, July 15, 2008

guitar notebook

I have been in the school supply section at the store and I picked up a few composition notebooks because they are cheap now. 

Supplies: paper, Die Cuts With a View. die cut, Cuttlebug. ribbon.

I also got all of my digital photos burned to a disk. There weren't too many to begin with, a little over 1000 dating back to 2002. It took a while but I am glad it is done. It probably took a lot longer than it should have since I'm still learning about my computer (yes, after 3 months I still don't know half of the things my Mac can do. Good thing dh got me a book for my birthday which he gave to me early.) and Photoshop Elements, another early birthday gift from dh. I'm hoping I can learn that program a little easier than my computer, especially after the nightmare I experienced trying to install the darn thing but I think I'll end it now to save myself further embarrassment about my lack of computer skills.


  1. Great composition book! That paper is perfect - so fun. :)

    Enjoy your Mac. I always loved mine. Would still have one if my CAD program had a Mac version *sigh*. And, if you haven't already - go grab my digital templates to play with in PSE. I'm sure you will come up with some very cool stuff using it.

  2. Love that comp book! That would be perfect for a teenager or music lover.

    Great feeling getting those photos on a CD! Now you don't have to worry about a computer crash. :-)

  3. I love the notebook! Is that the Rockstar collection?

  4. I also love the comp book. It looks great. arty.

  5. Great book! I love this paper, the embossed silver is beautiful! :)

  6. Love the comp book and the colors are perfect!


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