Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have been tagged by Gabrielle and Sarah. So here it goes!

10 years ago: I was 5 months pregnant with Emily and Amanda was 2 1/2. That summer we went to Rehobeth Beach.

5 things to do today:
clean upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms
post some items on Etsy
read some more of The Missing Manual for my Mac

Places I have lived:
Island Park, NY
Middletown, NY
Albany, NY
Elizabeth, CO
Fishkill, NY
Sterling, VA
Charles Town, WV
Baltimore County, MD

A snack I enjoy: Dark Chocolate M&Ms

If I was a millionaire: I would pay off our bills, help out our parents, set up college funds for the kids.

Four people I am tagging


  1. You have lived in lots of places too! I haven't tried the dark chocolate M&Ms yet; that could be trouble for me so I should steer clear :)

  2. You have lived in lots of places! Seems a few of us like dark chocolate...YUM!!

  3. Glad you played too! :) You've lived in a lot of places! And glad to know I have another fellow dark chocolate M&M lover and one that won't take my peanut ones. LOL

  4. Cool tag. I'm blogging it this a.m. Thanks!

  5. I enjoyed reading your list Linda and thanks for the tag too!


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