Tuesday, August 5, 2008

back to school time

I really need to be a better blogger but it has been so hard since we got back from vacation. I now have less than 3 weeks before I send everyone back to school. Right now I am more stressed out about getting all of them ready than I am about being alone all day.

A shot of a school supply shopping trip.

This isn't everything. We have gone back out to get 2 more binders, more ziploc bags and markers. And with that I am still not done because we haven't received ds's kindergarten assignment. Each teacher has a different supply list which is annoying to me because all of the other grades have one list. I'm thinking it will be here next week along with dd's schedule. Then it will be time to go clothes shopping which is always a good time. ;p


  1. By that first day of school, you're going to need a day off! Good luck with the rest of the shopping & preparation. :)

  2. We have a similar pile to yours on our kitchen counter :) LOL! It was a funny experience in Target with our list and a dozen other moms with their kiddos and lists...I think I'll shop a little earlier next year!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer break :) And thank you for the award!

  3. And they call it a "FREE" Education! We are going shopping after thursday when the get their lists....not looking forward to it. Just registration for my 9th grader will come close to $100!!!OYE!

    Linda, sure do miss you over at the Shaker!~

  4. That's a lot of stuff! I know how much it takes these days. I love school supply shopping!


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