Tuesday, August 26, 2008

back to school

The first day of school went well yesterday. Everyone had a good day. Kindergarten orientation was fine too. Andrew was exicted. We went around the class and did a few centers then he stayed with his teacher and class while I went to the orientation with the principal. 

When I came back to get him, the children were sitting on the rug and each one was telling her if they had siblings. They also did show and tell. Before we left his teacher told me that ds told her that Amanda has formed a I hate the Jonas Brothers club but only 8th graders can join (apparently a lot of her friends are not big fans). She thought that was funny. When I told dd later she was mad that he was telling people about the club and then tried to beat him up. Good thing she was distracted by General Hospital starting because she wasn't listening to me when I told her to leave him alone.

Our back to school fashion parade.

He is such a ham. I'm going to miss him.


  1. LOL Not sure which is funnier - the club or DS telling his teacher about it. :D Glad the first day of school went well!

  2. That story about the club is pretty cute! ;-) Love the fashion show, too!

  3. ROFLMBO! Kids are funny. Cute kids and photos.

  4. ROFL!! Love the fashion show! Happy for you that everything went smoothly...I know how you feel about the adjustment :)

  5. ha! love your little guy's face ;D

  6. What a cute story. And they all looks so happy :)


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