Monday, August 11, 2008

thoughts (venting) about kindergarten

The first day of school is in 2 weeks and everyone is really looking forward to it. Today I finally got ds's kindergarten information packet in the mail and I am just a little disappointed in how the first week is scheduled for him.

One the first day half of the class goes in with a parent for orientation for 90 minutes. Then he has no school on Tuesday so the other half can have orientation. Then Wednesday and Thursday are half days with Friday being the first full day of school.  I really think this is so lame. I understand the part about orientation. I don't understand why it has to be done over 2 days why not a morning and afternoon session on the first day. I don't like that the schedule isn't consistent. 

I get that full day kindergarten has only been in our school for 3 years and some people may be thinking it is too much for their child so lets ease them in to it but I don't think that is a great idea. When dd went to kindergarten in WV it was full day with the first day as an orientation day and the second day a regular full day.

I don't know maybe it is because I have been there done that, that I am feeling this way. I guess the thing that bothers me the most is the day off on the second day of school.  I can live with the half day stuff for the first week. I really think that I just need a clean break, for him to go and enjoy it, without any drama from him or me.


  1. That sounds very frustrating. And confusing for all involved especially the kids who need to learn to adjust to the new schedule.

  2. I would agree. I don't know why the administration would want to take 2 days doing orientation. With just about every child going to pre-school these days, most kids are used to half or even full day of activities by the time they get to kindergarten.

  3. I agree, it seems odd that orientation is spread out for two days. But hey, at least you know your son's schedule. DS starts school next week, first day is orientation and that is when we find out what his schedule will be (morning, afternoon, or full-day). Hope the transition goes smooth for both of you!


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