Friday, August 15, 2008

wild weather

Yesterday afternoon we had a really strong storm come through and cancel soccer practice. I was surprised that we got hail, it wasn't that hot out to begin with.

After the storm passed the kids went outside to touch it and collect some to save for science projects (dd #1) and to show their friends who are away at the beach and missed all the excitement. I'm just glad the stones didn't crack our table.


  1. That looks like some heavy hail! Great photos!

  2. Goodness! Glad you all and your table are ok. :) It looks a bit like snow.

  3. glad your table survived! We had a couple hail storms this year - such a freak of nature to see...

  4. FUN! I'm jealous! Still in the 100's here! :(

  5. Holy cow! That's a LOT of hail! Glad everyone is ok!


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