Thursday, October 16, 2008

animal house

I have 2 beagles. They are litter mates and they just turned 5 years old. The first photo is Daisy. She is the boss. She was also the runt of the litter. She is a good dog and really loves dh. She will cry and pace the floor whining with a toy or 2 in her mouth when he comes home from work. It is really sad. The only other person she will do that for is my younger daughter.

This is Patches. She is my dog or rather I am her person. She likes my dh but knows to stay away from him with Daisy is around. She is a good dog too but I would like for her to not talk (bark) as much as she does. She will bark at the UPS truck, or any truck, when it drives by and she is always on the look out for any intruders, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks and deer. She will sound the alarm when she sees them too.

On Sunday, after some discussion, we decided to get a kitten. I really love cats and I grew up with one and we had one when dh and I first got married. Unfortunately we had to give her away when she started biting our dd when she was 4 months old. The kids wanted one and dh said well you always talk about wanting a cat again, which is true. So this is Tiger.

She is 9 weeks old and living in my oldest dd's room for now. She is really cute and very playful.

So one of the things I bought was a baby gate and I have it blocking the doorway. This is how the dogs spent the first 3 days stalking Tiger trying to get a glimpse or a sniff of her. I was very nervous about letting her out. I kept having nightmares that my dogs would track her like a rabbit and give her a heart attack.

After a trip to the vet, I felt much better. The assistant I see has 6 beagles and 12 cats, she lives on a farm and she gave me hope that my dogs wouldn't eat Tiger and that I wasn't crazy. So when I got home I put her in the crate and put her in the living room it went well. Then I opened the crate with just Patches. That dog is a nut all she wanted to do was smell her and then play with her. She started doing the play dance that she does with Daisy but Tiger just ignored her after hissing at her a couple times.

Daisy is another story. When Tiger hisses at her, she growls and barks at Tiger. But she hasn't chased her so I am feeling positive. We just need some more time. I think it helped some last night that the cat spent some time on dh's lap in front of Daisy. Or not since Daisy got away from dh when he took her out last night.

So to help them with their stress, especially since one or both had a total of 4 accidents in the house over the first 2 days, I bought a pack of raw hides for them. And they have been chewing them quite a bit which is good because I bought a 5 pack. But I don't care how fast they chew them up especially since there haven't been any more accidents.

I will leave you with one more kitten photo. I took this one while Daisy was next to me. Tiger was looking at Patches on the stairs with a raw hide in her mouth. In about a hour I'll let her out again to roam around.


  1. Oh my goodness, Tiger is so adorable! :) I'm sure your dogs will adjust. Hoping for your sake that there are no more accidents. I know how un-fun that is.

  2. Oh, oh, oh!!!! I love her!! She is precious! And those ears...she might just take off! :-) I had an orange tiger-striped kitty when I was growing up. His name was Wrinkles. I hope everyone learns to get along at your house! TFS the photos!

  3. All of your pets are so cute! Great pictures. We have 2 dogs that bark at every little thing, too. Drives me nuts, but then again, at least I know that they're watching over us :)

  4. Lovely doggies! And Tiger is too precious! Those ears are sooo cute!

  5. Hey there, Linda! You have such cute pets. That doubles your number of children, though, doesn't it? LOL I know my doxie is a permanent 3-yr-old kid. Only good thing is he tries very hard to be good and has a success rate older than 3-yr-old kid. LOL Love your card organizer. Glad the reunion turned out great, too.

  6. Ooooh, I looove kitten photos!! Congratulations on your new addition :) We got our kittens last year a few months after getting our puppy (Tasha), and they get along really well! Of course, Tasha chases them here and there, but she has never hurt them :)

    Looking forward to seeing how Tiger grows!

  7. Your animals are adorable. I missed this post earlier. The new kitty will be fun. TFS!


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