Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my christmas tree

We put up the tree on Sunday. Usually I have the tree covered with ornaments, arranging and rearranging. It is my thing and I take a lot of pleasure from putting all of my ornaments on the tree. Each one is a treasure. My collection includes the store bought bulbs, handmade by me and the kids plus bought from the craft fair, Hallmark, and many other store bought ones.

I was also lucky enough to have been able to go through my mil's ornaments a few years back. She told me to take what I wanted because she wasn't putting put a tree up anymore. So I asked her if her other kids went through them and she said they didn't want any of them!! So I took them all. There were some real treasures in there including a wooden one that my fil had made.

I also have ornaments on the back of the tree too. The kids put most of their ornaments on the back since I hog up the front with all my treasures. When I am done, I like to sit back and admire it. Then dh will come in and say something about how we have a lot of ornaments on the tree and I will reply that you can never have too many ornaments, there is always room.

This year was different. I thought that Tiger was going to be curious about the tree. So I decided that I wasn't going to put up any ornaments that I would be upset if they got broken. And I told the kids the same thing. When dh came in he said what happened to the tree because the only breakable ornaments on the tree are the store bought bulbs, good thing too because someone went exploring on Monday.

She is about 5 feet up the tree in these photos and has already knocked off one bulb. But that is okay because I can buy more at Target.


  1. Cats in the Christmas tree seem to be a common theme for holiday photos; you're definitely not alone! Your tree looks beautiful; thank you for sharing about all the great ornaments :)

  2. I love your tree! Maybe you could find a deal on a revolving tree stand after Christmas. That way you tree turns and all of your beautiful ornaments can be seen.

  3. The only thing is that the kitties might find it more tempting if it moves:(

  4. Cat face is too cute. That pic reminds me of our very first Christmas with a kitty in the family.

    That poor tree never saw her coming. lol

  5. LOL!! I have a similar photo from last year! Such a cutie! I am enjoying seeing our tree get more and more personalized as the years progress; the kids love to look at all the older ones and remember when they were made or bought.

  6. :D Too funny! Our cats have never *knock on wood* climbed our Christmas tree.

  7. Love, love, love the kitty in the tree! :-)

    Your tree is beautiful! You have a LOT of very pretty ornaments. It's really great to have ornaments with a family history.

  8. Such a beautiful tree - I must take a photo of ours too!


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