Friday, January 16, 2009

cats like water?

I didn't think cats like water. Well, not mine she seems to love it. I think this happened when I was trying to keep her out of the Christmas tree, I would squirt her with a spray bottle and at first this worked. Then my sweet little boy decided to help me keep her out of the tree and would squirt her too, even when she wasn't in the tree.

So now I have Tiger in my sink every time I am using it.

After a few close calls with some toothpaste, I thought what can I do with her? I have kicked her out of the bathroom but she will only meow outside the door. She is pretty loud too. Now I turn the water on in the bath tub. This works out well (even though dh thinks I have now ruined her by encouraging this) because I can do my business at the sink and she can have her water fix.


  1. One of my cats walks into the shower as soon as someone gets out. She sits there and watches the water drops. I think they all like water on their own terms.

  2. Too funny! Mine won't get near running water, but the cat my parents had used to jump into the SHOWER w/ us if we weren't careful. LOL My sister would shampoo the cat up and she never seemed to mind.

    Great photos! You haven't ruined Tiger unless she refuses to drink all water except from a faucet. Do you have one of the pet water fountains? Our cats love it and that might distract Tiger from the faucet.

  3. CUTE! We had a cat that loved the water. She'd jump up on the top of the shower door and play with the water or just enjoy the spray.

  4. Tiger is so precious! Lily likes water, too. She'll lay in the sink and let water run all over her. She's not thrilled about baths, but she will stand in the tub with water in it. Great pics!


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