Friday, January 2, 2009

intentions for 2009

I have thought about this for a couple of days, writing down my goals for the year and everything that I want to do all comes down to me managing my day a little bit better than I have been. There are some days I get a lot done around the house and others I can't figure out where the day went. I thought about it for a couple of days and realized that the days I am most productive is when I write everything down...keeps me on track. This is something I am going to continue to do everyday.

So I found an old journal that I only used a couple pages in and I wrote everything down that I want to accomplish this year. There is the usual stuff like eat healthy, exercise, use my stash but I also wrote down some of the projects I want to tackle but just haven't gotten done like organize the closets, figure out a method to store the kids' school papers (report cards, awards and some assignments). I keep the book on the counter and I add to it as I think of more things that should get done and on a light day around the house, I plan on moving the projects to the to do list.

The first project I am working on is meal planning. My dh has been telling me for years to do this, that it would help keep me on track instead of wandering around the house at 5pm, looking for something to cook itself. For a few months in 2008, I was actually doing this. I'm sure you are wondering, why did I stop if it was working so well for me. Well, I got overconfident, thinking I didn't need to write this stuff down. This was before I had the big light bulb moment that I do in fact need to write everything down. I'm going food shopping tomorrow so I need to figure out the meals for the week tonight. I hope I can come up with some good ideas.


  1. Good luck with your meal planning! I am definitely one of those who wanders through the kitchen at 5pm, trying to figure out what will work for the 4 of us at that hour of the day :)

  2. Good idea writing everything down. I tend to think I can handle all in my head, but then when I write things down a lot more gets accomplished. Good luck keeping that going.

  3. Linda, I'm with you on the meal planning! I don't know how to do it and it really needs to happen around here. I, too, wait for dinner to make itself (it doesn't)! And I also go to the store, spend $80 and come home STILL with nothing to eat! What's up with that??? Let us know how this goes. I might have to jump in with you!

    School papers....I have a TON of them, including my own way back to elementary school! They have taken over my house. This needs to be on my list, too.

    Thx for a great list of inspiring projects!


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