Monday, January 5, 2009

organize or play

I went to Target today and bought some storage containers while they were on sale. I have 2 projects calling my name right now. The first is to finish organizing the holiday decorations in the basement and then label the containers. The second is to make some sense of the monster mess of ds's toys. I keep trying to fix it but so far nothing has worked but I also bought a toy bin today to help.

So after lunch instead of doing any of those things, I decided to make this card. This may be dh's valentine. The center of the heart is mounted on pop dots.

Supplies: paper KI Memories. Basic Shapes 1 card, Slice. embossing template, Cuttlebug. heart, Me and My Big Ideas. ribbon and pop dots.

So tomorrow, I will work on my boy's room. I will need the entire day to get it done. Although I am hoping that the library will be calling tomorrow. I put a hold on Forever Princess, the last book in the Princess Diaries series back in November right after I finished the 9th book. Its release date is tomorrow! My oldest has been making fun of me because of this but I don't care. I really enjoyed this series.


  1. Cute Card! Good luck on the Boy room.

  2. What a beautiful card! I love the oranges and yellows. Glad to see you took our advice on FB and played. :D

  3. love the card! So how did you do on your organizing? Or did you play with paper?

    Good luck to your hubs on his quitting - When I quit smoking I used Wellbutrin, but I think now the popular thing (which my husband quit using) is that Chantex) (sp?)

  4. Are you organizing today or playing :)

    Love the card. I'm going to see if dd wants to read the Princess Diaries series for our next Mother-Daughter book club series.

  5. I decided to play. Today I am working on laundry but I'm hoping that the library will call me.


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