Saturday, January 10, 2009

organizing my son's room

On Tuesday, I decided to work on my ds's room and make some sense of his toys. I also wanted to get his toys out of the family room. Things were getting out of control and it was starting to feeling it was his second room. I took some before photos. The first one is along the wall by the door. Lots of stuffed animals and a bulky kitchen.

This is the wall opposite the first. An unmade bed and dinosaurs on the dresser are featured. In the corner is a plastic 2 drawer unit that doubles as a night stand.

Here is the inside of his closet. I took part of a plastic shelf unit, dh has the rest in the garage. On the other side of the right door is a large bus to hold his Duplo blocks.

This is a shot of the chaos that lurks in one of the drawers of his night stand. Who knows what could be in there.

So I put together the 4 shelf unit with 12 plastic bins I bought from Target. It looks similar to this one except the bin colors are dark blue, light blue, red and green. It took me about 20 minutes to put it together. I probably could have done it faster if my sister didn't call me 4 times that day to talk about Facebook.

I put the bins next to the bookcase. It fit perfectly which was good since the bookcase is bolted to the wall. All I had to do was raise the Pokemon poster. Another thing I was happy about was the wood finish was a very good match. The junk that was in his night stand was sorted, and yes I did throw some things away.

I left his bookcase alone other than sorting through the books and taking a few out that I know he didn't like. I left the Pokemon display alone as well as the truck on the top shelf. And then I brought out the larger trucks that were hiding in the closet.

The only thing that changed here is the bed is now made and the dresser and night stand are cleaned off. The night stand drawers now hold all of his Imaginext dinosaurs. The Duplo block are now in the Duplo table with is to the left of the bed in between the windows and I got rid of the storage bus that took up too much space.

By now you are wondering where did the kitchen and all the stuffed animals go? The stuffed animals are to the left of the kitchen in a larger basket that the dinosaurs were in, a much better fit than before. I really wanted to take the kitchen out of his room but instead I put it in the closet because I knew he would have a big fit if I did. The only problem with that was I didn't have room for the rest of the toys from the family room.

When ds and dd came home from school they say the shelf unit box in the garage, so they ran upstairs to see what I had done. He came back down and I got the biggest hug from him. He was so happy with the changes I made so I figured the time to ask about the kitchen was now. His only concern was how was he going to microwave his animals' food. Which is a good point, and I honestly didn't have an answer for that. In the end, he agreed to getting rid of the kitchen and keeping the dishes with the condition that he could have the kitchen back after a month or so if he really, really misses it. I'm really hoping he doesn't miss it because I don't know where I would put it. So now his closet looks like this.

This was in the family room and held some of his toys. My dh made it, complete with bun feet. Now it holds the rest of the stuff that was in the closet plus the rest of the stuff that was in the family room. The dishes are in the middle drawer so the animals can eat. Hopefully they don't mind cold food too much. We also hung up some of his paintings from school on the inside of his closet, much better than lying on the floor of the closet.

I am really happy with how the room turned out. It didn't take as long as I thought it would, probably because I was doing this without any helpers that don't like to get rid of things. The best part about his project is that my ds is super happy about what I did.


  1. The room looks great! My kids used to have one of those kitchens years ago! Isn't it nice to get organized :)

  2. Wow Linda! You certainly have been busy - like Benita said, it sure is nice to get organised isn't it?

    I also wanted to let you know that I've left you a little something over on my blog too!

  3. Linda, you did a wonderful job finding places for everything! It looks super, and I'm sure it feels great!

  4. What would he heat the animals food in?? I LOVE IT! The room looks great, and from the hug, he must apprecate it too.

  5. The room looks so organized! And it sounds like he appreciates every bit of it.

    I've been feeling overwhelmed with all of the Christmas gifts the kids received this year, I need to get moving and organize their stuff as well.

  6. Fabulous job! I can relate about the task being so much easier without kiddos around...that's pretty much the only way to get that kind of job done around here :)


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