Monday, January 26, 2009

tagged: 6 paper lines

Welcome to my new blog. Well, it is the same blog just a new web address, but I'm glad you followed me here. I'm going to start off with a tag. Aimeslee has asked if I could only scrap with 6 lines of paper what would they be. This is going to be tough since I love pretty paper. I love looking at it for months before I use it and sometimes will even smell it.

1. KI Memories. I have liked this paper since the beginning but really fell in love with it with Collection IV (Colorful, My Guy, My Girl, etc.). And I still have quite a bit of that paper too. I was so happy when they came out with the Favorite Things collection, like visiting with an old friend. I like to use it on my kids layouts because of the patterns and the colors are just fun. I am also a big fan of their Holiday papers, again for the kids layouts. I still have some paper from that 2004 collection too. It's good stuff that never goes out of style. My current favorite is the Lace Cardstock. I have cut into a couple pieces that I have but for the most part I am still admiring it in the bag. I am looking forward to seeing the Glitter Lace Cardstock that is coming out this Spring.

2. Basic Grey. This is another paper line I just love, even if I haven't bought every collection they came out with. Some of my favorites include, Color Me Silly, Ambrosia, Infuse, Blush and Pheobe. It probably is a good thing I don't have much time to sew since they made their papers into fabric. Another thing I love about Basic Grey paper is that it has the best smell out of all my papers.

3. Scenic Route. I really like their thick double sided papers in fun patterns. Some of my favorites are Appleton, Surprise, Liberty and Salem. I haven't seen any sneaks for the new papers but i am curious.

4.SEI. Again another company with thick double sided papers. I like double sided paper, I feel like I can do more with them. My favorites are Dill Blossom, Chick-a-dee and -doo, Poppy and Black Orchard. I still have some of Granny's Kitchen and Aunt Gertie's Garden I have been hanging on to break some of it out later. I'm looking forward to seeing Lovebirds when it comes out.

5. Doodlebug. I love this paper and embellishments just because they are so ding, dang, darn cute. I just can't help it. Plus, I like that the new papers always coordinate with the old collections. Plus their magazine ads are just fabulous eye candy. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have coming out with.

6. Making Memories. I have always liked their papers but really fell in love when they came out with the shaped papers, the brackets, postage stamp and scallop circles...good fun stuff.

This was really hard to chose just 6, so here a a couple runner ups that didn't make the cut but I love anyway: Imaginisce and Die Cuts With a View.


  1. Great choices! I'm not sure I could pick just 6. :)

  2. LOVE the new blog header! Super cute! I have you bookmarked! :)

    I love alot of the same papers but October Afternoon is one for me!

  3. Girl, see? I knew that was the question for you! Dang, I thought that tag answer was masters degree in scrapbook paper worthy. I haveta admit, I've never thought about smelling the paper. Feel and fondle, yes. Great list. I would have said SassLass instead of SEI though. Otherwise, ditto.

    Awesome new blog home! And you ARE the Paper Mastress. :-)))) Thanks a bunch for playing along with the tag, Linda. You're the best!


  4. Love your new home! Awesome choices and love the explanation of each. I'm not sure I could narrow mine down to six.

  5. Fabulous choices :) Right now my favorites are My Mind's Eye and Basic Grey - I love everything they come out with! LOL!

    Your new blog header is gorgeous - where did you find it?

  6. Love the look of your new blog!

    Basic Grey and MM are my 2 favorite that seem to be my go-to stash most often.

    How did you like Scarpetta? It's on my to read list.

  7. Beautiful new blog! Love it! I may have to try this tag myself. I think I could pick 6. Interesting to think about!

  8. love the new blog! And yikes to pick 6 paper lines would be a tough one for me! great choices though!


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