Monday, April 20, 2009

vacation day #2: sea world

On our second day in Orlando we went to Sea World. One of the first things we saw was the new roller coaster they are adding, The Manta. It looks like you are upside down when riding it. The signs said it would be open on Memorial Day weekend.

We then headed over to the dolphin area. But first we stopped at the sting ray area so the kids could try to pet a sting ray.

Then we saw the dolphin feeding but the line was already closed to feed them so we just watched. Then we went to the underwater viewing area where dh snapped this photo.

Then it was all about heading over to Shamu stadium to get our seats for the show. We did stop to see the penguins on the way over. So we hurried up over to the stadium so we could get seats in the splash zone and then we waited 45 minutes for the show to start. We saw the Believe show and I thought it was really good.

The next two photos aren't Shamu. We really didn't get wet from this jump since we were at the top end of the splash zone.

When Shamu did come out, he went around and did tail splashes to different sections of the audience. we were directly in front of this and got hit head on. Then ds start crying because he didn't realize that the water was salt water and it got in his eyes. I then had to block him with my bag for the next couple of splashes.

Here is a close up of Shamu. I'm not sure why his dorsal fin is bent but that really can't be a good sign.

Some family photos.

And the Shamu bug.

We walked around some more and we got stuck at the Shark exhibit during a passing thunderstorm. And we also played the arcade games at Shamu's Happy Harbor. Ds was playing a game where you had to hit a frog onto a lily pad. He was doing pretty good too. He let dh have a try at it and that was when he won a 9 foot long snake. I was the lucky one that got to carry it around the park.

We went back to our condo and ordered pizza for dinner. While we were eating this duck walked up to the sliding glass door. So I opened it and fed him some crust. He must have liked it because he invited himself to dinner. Yes, we let him inside but I don't think we had much of a choice.

When he was done, he left us a little going away present on the rug. Nice huh? The next morning I opened the curtain and he came back. We didn't open the door because we didn't have any bread to give him and he got mad and flew right into the window! Thankfully he was ok and walked away but after that we didn't open the curtain anymore.


  1. looks like you had fun. Love the photos. Kim

  2. Great photos! Sea World was one of our favorite weekend trips when we lived in Cali. So much fun!

  3. Very cool vacation. Great photos for a great time. Too funny about the duck!


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