Monday, November 2, 2009

pokemon costume

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Ours was pretty good even with the rain. Ds is really into the Pokemon video games and wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer. Well that is pretty simple since he could wear his street clothes and a baseball cap. But he wanted me to make him the gym badges (you get these in the game after battling the gym leaders, they help make you a more powerful Pokemon trainer) so he could wear them. That way everyone would know who he was.

First, I searched the internet for large images of them, because he hasn't gotten that far in the game to have all of them yet. I found this screen shot of all 8 badges on Flickr.

Then I went through my felt stash and started sketching the badges on paper. Ds was so funny. He said he didn't care if they were perfect as long as I did my best. Too cute.

I used my sketches as patterns to cut out the pieces of felt and I used fusible webbing to adhere them together. The finished sizes range from 4 to 5 inches. And some were a lot harder than others but I am happy with how they came out even if some of them are a little off.

Here are how the badges turned out. This first photo is the strength and ice badge.

These are the rock and grass badges.

The electric and water badges.

The dark and steel badges.

And here is ds wearing them. My dh pinned them on with safety pins. The only thing I would have done if I had thought of it was I should have made a Poke ball out of felt and pinned it over the logo on the cap. There is always next time. :)


  1. Awe that's cute! Enjoy your days of trick or treating... this year neither of my kids went and I have a feeling that unknowingly last year was my last to trick or treat with the kids....

  2. What a great mom he has! You did a wonderful job. :)


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