Tuesday, December 1, 2009

adventures in nyc: part 2

That last post was getting long. So I figured I would start another one. :)

On our second day we went to the Empire State Building. A coworker of dh's hooked us up with some passes to bypass the lines, which was really nice considering the last time we went we waited in line for about 3 hours. And we got to go up to the 102nd floor. So exciting!

Some photos of the views from the 86th floor.

Looking East to Long Island

Looking North towards Central Park

Looking West towards New Jersey

Looking South into the sun

After we headed down to the World Trade Center Site before we headed back to our hotel to leave for home. We had a great time and I'm already planning out next trip back.


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time, Linda! I would love to see New York during the holidays.

    Oh, I have to say my favorite pictures are of the star and of your son with Chewbacca!

  2. Hi Linda,

    Catching up with all my blog friends...what a fabulous trip! I hope all's well with you and your family xxx


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