Thursday, January 14, 2010

music class

Last night Amanda was looking for some music that was new to her. Something that was on the moody side. Well she had come to the right place since I have a lot of good moody stuff from the 80's.

I loaded her up on some Depeche Mode. I love them. I have a friend who likes to call them Depressed Mode. Most of the songs came from The Singles 81-85.

Then I gave her some New Order from Substance 1987.I love New Order and have many fond memories connected to their songs. I also gave her some Joy Division.

But the big shock of the night was not that she asked for more Dave Matthews Band.That just shows good taste. But when I told her that if she wanted moody music she needed some songs from Synchronicitybecause Sting wrote that album when he was going through his divorce.

And to that she said Sting was in The Police? Sigh. Epic fail on my part for not giving her the musical education she obviously needed earlier.

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