Friday, February 19, 2010

card patterns #51

I used Card Patterns sketch #51 to create this card. I change the sketch by turning it and not using hearts on it.

I used Fabri-tac to adhere the ribbon to the card. Sometimes I can be a little messy when I work. Well, I got glue on my fingernail. And when I went to clean up, I noticed that it ate right through my nail polish! Yikes, I wonder what is in that glue.

Note: Karen from Beacon Adhesives commented to let me know there is acetone in the glue, which makes sense once I think about it.  I still love Fabri-tac but I'll have to be neater when I work with it next time, if that is even possible. :)

Supplies: die cuts, Noteworthy card, Slice. ribbons, flowers, rhinestones.


  1. Beautiful card! As to what is in Fabri Tac, I work for Beacon Adhesives, the makers of Fabri Tac. It contains acetone, which is the active ingredient in nail polish remover. So that's why it's taking your nail polish off.
    You can try our Zip Dry, which does not affect manicured hands-I speak from experience. Love your work!
    Karen from Beacon

  2. Great take on the sketch - thanks for playing with us at CP!

  3. Adorable card. Don't feel too badly about not being neater when you should see the globs of glop I manage to get on everything. :)

  4. Love the card! I also use Fabri-Tac a lot & am kinda shocked that they have acetone in it. Wonder if it's safe for scrapbooking then?


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