Thursday, March 18, 2010

thursday 13

On Sunday, Dave and I are leaving for his conference in Miami. Good times except for all of the stuff I need to get done before we leave. It turns me into a crazy person, which is not fun for anyone. So here are 13 things I need to do before we leave:
  1. Finish buying things we need for the trip
  2. Laundry
  3. Food Shopping
  4. Pick my mom up from the airport
  5. Buy dog food
  6. Write a blog post for the BEST blog
  7. Finish the digital posters for Dave's partners
  8. Clean the house, this could probably have a sublist of 13 things too
  9. Go to the Post Office and mail Census form and item from my Etsy shop to Australia.
  10. Take Amanda to a dance on Saturday
  11. Drop things off at Goodwill
  12. Scrap or make something. I most likely won't get to this but I may want time to destress. I also needed one more thing for the list. :)
  13. Pack
Out of all of this, I only got #9 done today. I worked on #1 today as well as yesterday and Monday but didn't have much luck. Tomorrow, I clean and get my mom from the airport. It will be nice to see her.


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  1. Good luck on your list and I hope you have some fun while in Miami! :)

  2. Wow going to Miami, now that does sound like a really nice vacation. I have just been googling around and came across your blog. I love craft blogs. I used to crochet alot and I just love crafty things.
    Your blog is really interesting, and I have enjoyed visiting.

  3. Great list, I make lists too. I like that you only managed to do one thing on your list, story of my life!

  4. Hey girl, did y'all decide to stay in Miami? winkwink

    Hope you had a great vacay! xoxo

  5. Just wanted to leave my comment -- I really was here, aGAIN, hehehe. xoxo


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