Thursday, April 1, 2010

home again

We got back from Miami last week and had a really nice time. Here is a view of the beach. I love the blue water but it was too cold to go swimming in the ocean.

Here is a photo of Dave and I after 2 days of sun. My nose and forehead are burnt. :(

After the usual post travel laundry and cleaning, I have been keeping busy with sick kids, nothing serious just a lingering sinus infection and a bad cough. I am also working on a mini card class for My Creative Classroom. It will feature 5 cards using the Slice Wedding Design Card. Also included are 5 card sketches. It is part of the Benefit Class for Haiti with all the proceeds going to Haiti by Hand. The class starts on April 27 and is now open for registration.

I also wanted to share this paper of Andrew's. This test came home last week and really made my day.


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  2. Hey Linda, looks like you and Dave had a good time in Miami. Must feel great to be back home :)


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