Sunday, April 11, 2010

orioles home opener

On Friday, Dave and I met some friends and we headed to the Oriole's Home Opener. It was a huge crowd. I took this photo of Pickles from across the street. I still can't believe we went into that crowd for a beer. It was wall to wall people and the first time (and hopefully last :p) I truly knew what claustrophobia felt like.

We made it to our seats which were not too bad, behind left center field if that makes sense.

We were also right next to the Bull Pen. I spent more time watching the pitchers than the game. Probably because I could see them clearly. One of them came over and was chatting with some of the fans in front of us too.

And of course a photo of Dave and I.

We wore our jerseys from the Field of Dreams event we went to this past fall. MASN, sponsored it and we were able to have a mini training camp with past Oriole players. Here is a picture of us from the event, which I can't believe I didn't blog about last :p

Unknown to this New York girl, my number was Jim Palmer's number and he was actually there. He arrived when I went up for my turn at batting practice. Only I didn't know who he was when he was giving me batting tips. Another fail but my defense is ignorance since I wasn't into baseball (although I can tell you some players from the Yankees and the Mets from back in the day) until recently and even then it is more of a social event. The jerseys have our last names on them and Dave heard a few people ask who was that player. Too funny, they should have asked and we would have told them the story.

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