Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what's on your workdesk? wednesday

While blog hopping I stumbled across the Stamping Ground. It is a great blog that also features a What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday. I thought this would be a fun thing to participate in, is my desk.

Here is the full view. It doesn't look too bad. There is still a small space to work at once I move my ATG gun. ;)

Here is a close up of the left side. There are the scraps from the bumble bee card I made yesterday.

And a close up of the right side. In the background is my Slice and I have 2 paper folders on top of my paper cutter. My iPod dock is hidden by more scraps of paper.


  1. ohooo someone with a wooden bench (rather than a posh desk!) like mine!! But yours is posher! It looks like real wood! Love your space and welcome to WOYWW!! It's very you next week!

  2. That's a fun thing to blog about! Your desk looks great. You have a big space! Lots of fun stuff going on! :-) I may try this next Wednesday!

  3. Great desk, full of loveliness, welcome to the madhouse that is WOYWW!

  4. Welcome to WOYWW! You say nice things about my blog - thank you! You seem to have a lot of Slice software and bits - you use it a lot I guess? And do you collect those lvoely glass paperweights?

  5. Ooh, I like that Wednesday meme. Mine looks very similar. I can barely see a small section of my desktop. :D

  6. Oh I love your workspace! Nice and airy.
    Featuring next week: What's UNDER my workdesk?? :)
    ** Evi **

    P.S. Please turn off word verification

  7. Lovely busy desk there - I like your woven baskets.

  8. Welcome to WOYWW. Glad you joined. I am a bit late getting here, but I hope that doesn't matter. I am really curious about your Slice.

    One of the nice things about blog hopping to all these active desks is, you get exposed to a lot of new products you've never heard of, and the Slice is one of those. I hope maybe you could explain it next week when I promise to get here sooner! Happy BELaTED WOYWW.

  9. Hey, LindaLove! Long time! Just popping in to see what's what and I see you are going strong! My Missy moved to Houston and is now working 9-5 M-F in advertising, but also transferred to a nearby Outback and is working a weekend shift or two as well. She just loves it too much to quit and the people. I am beginning to think she is gonna be a Lifer with them. HEHE She could do much worse -- how much you wanna bet she eventually gets a job in their corporate advertising? winkwink


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