Thursday, September 30, 2010

my fall wreath

Sarah had blogged about the wreath she made last week. It is really cute and you can see it here.  I got mine out of the basement this week and thought I would share it too. I made this 7 years ago, after the birth of our son. I don't know what I was thinking in my postpartum state of mind, but I had to have a wreath for my door. It took me all day to put it together and that was on a day that my husband was home too. We won't go into how crazy he thought I was.

Still looks pretty good after all these years. Even though it is a little faded, I still love it. The base is a straw wreath and I added an assortment of leaves, flowers and berries. I also used pieces of raffia for filler. At the bottom is an orange bow that is in need of more fluffing.

What's on your door?

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  1. It's finally beginning to feel like fall! Lovely wreath with such beautiful colors.


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