Monday, November 15, 2010

enameled brad tutorial

Back in July I posted this birthday card. My friend Barbara shared this idea with me and I wanted to share how I made the brad.

The supplies you will need

• Brads
• Embossing powder
• Heat gun
• Something to hold brads so you don't burn yourself, I used a clothes pin.

WARNING: if using the clothes pin, just watch how hot it gets. My clothes pin has some scorch marks on it. If you use a metal holder, like tweezers, remember that will get hot too.

Put brad in clothes pin. Turn heat gun on low and heat the brad for about a minute.

When hot, dip brad into embossing powder. If the powder does not stick to the entire brad, then it is not hot enough. (Sorry for the fuzzy photo, I took this with one hand)

Heat the embossing powder until melted. Add more layers of embossing powder if needed; I will do at least 2 layers.

Let the brad cool in the clothes pin for about 3 minutes. Use on your projects. The above example shows a brad with white embossing powder. But you can use any color, I have also used the powders that have some glitter in them to with great results. And one more mom reminder: be careful while using your heat gun. :)

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing the how-to steps. :)


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