Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great start to 2011. The holidays caused me to take an unexpected break from blogging. Now I feel rested and ready to get back into posting. I am thinking about making some changes to the blog but I'm still trying to decide what.

I was looking around the house for something festive to add to this post so I took this photo with my iPhone. I was reading Blogging for Bliss this morning and it inspired me to fool around with Photoshop and my photos. I used a spot light effect and then added a frame. I don't know if I like it since it washes out my disco ball tree and nothing says 'Happy New Year' like a disco ball.

Looking back at last year's January intentions post, I have been struggling with my inner procrastinator and had hoped to gain some control over it. So far so good, but there have been times where I have let it win. And I would feel bad about that. Now, I have just decided to let it go and embrace the procrastinator in me. After 2 years of trying to fight it and failing at it, I am just going to accept it. Because in the end the stuff that is really important gets done when it needs to.

I am still a compulsive list maker. It keeps me on track most of the time. :) I say this because my lists become a brain dump for everything that I want/need to do. And I usually have more than one going at a time with each one having it's own topic. So I'll have lists for the house, Etsy and My Creative Classroom going at the same time.

Above are 2 of my current lists. The pad is a list of things I needed to do over break. All that is left are phone calls and that is a little hard to do with 3 children home. The smaller paper is what I want to do today and after I hit publish, I get to cross something else off my list.


  1. Thank you for sharing your blog, Happy New Year!

  2. Hi, I'm dropping by from the Etsy Paper team. I can really relate to you - I, too, am a compulsive list maker, but it is the procrastination that I need to get over! Plus, children really do create challenges for tackling those to-do lists.

    Good luck to you in 2011!



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