Friday, January 28, 2011

more snow days

This week my kids have been in school one day. Monday was a teacher work day and Tuesday they had school. Then we got about a foot of snow over the next 2 days. Today, I think they had off because they are still clearing out the side roads and taking care of power outages.

So what does one do when it snows...we build a giant snowman of course.

This crazy child rolled the snowball up the hill in between storms. It was so sticky that it rolled up like quilt batting, although the kids called it carpet. It was taller than the boy....but then it broke when she tried to sit on it of a photo op.

But then they made three more giant snow balls in the front yard. It was so funny trying to watch them lift them on top of one another. Then they asked for my help and I said that I liked the use of my back thank you very much. I told her to just leave it like that and make it a dead snowman. If you were a fan of Calvin and Hobbes, you will get where I am coming from. She really liked that idea....a lot.

Poor Frosty. Needless to say we have gotten some very interesting looks from the neighbors.

Supplies: felt, for the face and buttons. 2 sticks, one painted orange for the nose. red paint for the blood.


  1. I love the changes you've made on the blog and that snowman is the best! I need to tell my son to get out there and build one!

  2. I really wanted to play in the snow this week, but my baby is too little, and i don't have another good excuse :/ oh well.

    I am a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes and I love your snowman!!


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