Wednesday, January 12, 2011

scrabble love card

As part of my New Year rituals, I have been trying to get organized. The one spot that needs it the most is my crafting area. I purged a ton of things in the fall and it felt good. Now, I just need a way to organize it all. And that is where I am stuck. It is so bad that I have asked my husband for help as long as he didn't criticize the stuff I had. But this is a topic for another post all together.

While I was going through a container that has some of my stamps in it, I found these Scrabble letter stamps. They are super cool and I just had to have them. Fast forward several years, see I'm not exactly sure how many but we were living in West Virginia when I bought them. And that was over 5 years ago, don't judge me too harshly. But I went to use them today, part of my new thinking 'use it or lose it.' Some of the stamps were still stick together, aka never used. Sigh. I guess you can judge now.

So here is the simple card I made for Valentine's Day. The stamping is a two step process and I stamped the frame first and then the letter.

Supplies: stamps, EK Success. embossing folder, Cuttlebug.


  1. What a great card, Linda! I would never judge you...I can't even tell you how many things I have that I have never used! Especially stamps that I also had to have! I forget that I have them. lol Good luck with your organizing!

  2. Beautiful card! I love those stamps. No judging - I have quite a bit of hoarded stash. I've been good on resisting physical purchases lately only because I'm doing more digi. But, yeah, had to buy an external HD for that last month! ha! :)

  3. LOVE that card! I used to have that stamp set, but I think I sold them :(


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